Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do you got embossing powder?

I got a stamp set in the mail the other week, and was letting Evie look at it when she asked me, "Do you got embossing powder?" I thought it was amusing enough to share with Greg that she asked me about such a specific crafting product (this was over IM):

Me: She just asked me if I have embossing powder. Heh. She's looking at a stamp set.
Greg: No way. How many 3-year-olds know what embossing powder is? Sigh. Poor Evie.
Me: Why poor Evie? I think it's from the craft videos.
Greg: Ha. Yeah, I know, I'm just kidding about poor Evie, mostly like saying she's being corrupted. Although if she did like crafting, what a good environment to do it. She could be a crafting prodigy!
Me: Heh. That's not a thing.
Greg: Not until now. She's gonna make Tim Holtz look like a chump. In a world of Crop-a-Diles, she'll be a Crop-a-T-Rex.

Ha! Crop-a-T-Rex. I think she picked up embossing powder from watching Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner craft videos. She's watched their videos so often that I now just ask her, "Jennifer or Kristina?"

Unrelated to Evie crafting, but here she is playing in between the door and the security door (because she wanted to), making faces at the camera, which she likes to do as of late rather than giving a nice smile:

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