Monday, April 20, 2015

Parker at 2 Months Old

Parker turned two months a little over a couple of weeks ago, but I've been a bit slow getting this post up.

In the Baby Bjorn. I've really liked having it to keep my hands free since he wants to be up and looking around now that he's more awake and alert during the day. No more most-of-day sleeping like when he was a newborn (though that's not to say he doesn't still sleep a fair amount).

Blowing spit bubbles while sleeping.

Alert and in a good mood.

Right after we tried him out in the Bumbo. Still a little young for the Bumbo.

Greg had an eye exam and got his eyes dilated, so they gave him these shades to tuck into his glasses. Greg just wore his prescription sunglasses instead, but I put these on Parker while he was sleeping. Ha. I feel like he looks like a tiny little old man.

Couple of selfies while we were chillin' at Arizona Inn during a weekend in Tucson. At this age, Parker indiscriminately grabs anything within reach, including Evie's hair laying next to his hand. A couple of times, Evie said, "Baby Parker, stop grabbing my hair!" It made me laugh because I suspect it won't be the last time there will be hair grabbing.

  • Got his second newborn blood screen at just over six weeks, because I forgot to get it done in his first two weeks. Oops.
  • Was about 12.5 lbs at his two month appointment. Also got a little silver nitrate in his belly button, since (for whatever reason, I don't know) his belly button hadn't completely healed when his stump fell off.
  • Started to consistently coo and smile in response to us playing with him between six and seven weeks.
  • At about 7.5 weeks, he woke up to eat at about 1:30 am after finally falling asleep at 9:30ish, and then didn't wake up again until about 6:30 am. Another night, it took me from 8:00 to 10:00 to get him to sleep (gah), but then he didn't wake up again until 4:00 am. The couple weeks or so, he's settled into a schedule of going down to be around 8:30 or 9:00, waking up around 2:00 am, and then waking up again around 6:00 am. Not bad.
  • I've been using the Baby Bjorn to carry Parker around daily and he inevitably falls asleep in it. Sometimes he laughs in his sleep and I can feel it when I'm carrying him around and it's funny.

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