Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twine Tapestry

For this month's Whisker Graphics project - twine tapestries!

Easy Twine Tapestry | shirley shirley bo birley Blog
Easy Twine Tapestry | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Using solid Divine Twine, I made both a longer and shorter version. The longer version with five colors and the shorter version with four colors.


1. Cut off the sharp end of a wooden kabob skewer.
2. Decide on how many colors and what length of tapestry, then cut the twine pieces. For the longer version, the tapestry is roughly 10 inches long, so each piece of twine was a little over 20 inches long, and I did 20 pieces of each color. For the shorter version, it was about half the length and 15 pieces of each color.
3. Attach the twine to the skewer by folding in half and looping over the skewer, then slipping the two ends through the loop. Tighten against the skewer. Repeat for all the twine pieces.


Solid Divine Twine (blue, coral, orange, bluebonnet, lemonwood, and wheat)
Wooden kabob skewers

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