Thursday, June 16, 2016

MyScriptFont Handwriting Font Creator

A while ago, just for fun, I was searching around for a way to convert my handwriting into a computer font for free.

I came across this How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font post, which used to convert handwriting to a computer font.

The process was very straightforward: print the form, fill it out, scan it back into the computer, and upload to the site. Although the sizing and spacing of certain letters are a bit off, the font turned out pretty well for how simple (and free) the site was.

Here's how mine turned out:

MyScriptFont Handwriting Font Creator | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

After the site generated my font, I downloaded the True Type Font (TTF) format onto my computer, navigated to the Fonts folder, and moved the TTF file there. After you do that, you can select the handwriting font in any program (e.g., Office products, and the Silhouette software even).

I think if someone were to be more diligent in how well they filled out the form, they could correct the sizing and spacing of any letters through a bit of trial and error. I don't have the best handwriting, but someone with better or more unique handwriting could probably come up with a neat font!

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