Friday, October 21, 2016

Durham (UK) Highlights

The second half of my work trip to Europe in August, I stayed a couple nights in Durham.

I didn't know anything about Durham, really, before we showed up at the hotel after work the first night in northern UK. My old-town-loving self was then pleased as punch when we drove into Durham and saw a castle on the hill, and our hotel at the base of the hill right in the thick of the city center.

After work the first night, in spite of it being chilly, somewhat rainy, and me battling a cold, we walked up to the castle and cathedral to poke around. It was all very quaint, with the historic buildings and cobblestone streets.

Durham (UK) Highlights | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Top-left: on the way up to the castle
Top-right: the cathedral - we went in for a few minutes and there was a program going on, choir and all
Bottom-left: the castle
Bottom-right: Durham Market Place

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