Monday, January 23, 2017

"I Am This Many" Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt

Parker turns two in a couple of weeks, and just in time for that, I made this heat transfer vinyl "I am this many" shirt!

Greg got the Silhouette design almost a year ago from a former co-worker, but I didn't make it a priority to tackle this shirt project until recently, leading up to Parker's birthday. I got Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl in black from Amazon to try out.

I also picked up a shirt for Parker from Target. I didn't see any T-shirts that I liked, and the selection was slim seeing as how it is currently winter, so I ended up getting him a Henley shirt that was on clearance. I went with a size 3T so that he'd have the entire year to wear the shirt while he was actually two.

Before I tackled working with heat transfer vinyl for the first time, I did some quick self-education online.

The Silhouette Studio file came to me already reversed, so all I had to really do was make sure that I was cutting the correct side of the heat transfer vinyl (with the shiny plastic side DOWN).

When it came to applying the heat transfer vinyl, I found this How To Properly Iron-On Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl video on YouTube to be helpful. I also found this quick reference guide, Siser Easyweed Application Guidelines, that shows at-a-glance application and care instructions.

I have yet to see how well the shirt will hold up with repeated washings, but my initial impressions of using heat transfer vinyl is (1) this is neat and why didn't I do this sooner, and (2) I should use my Silhouette more!

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