Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Parker's Satin Binding Obsession

Both Evie and Parker have baby blankets of the same style: minky with satin binding.

Parker didn't take to a stuffed animal like Evelyn did with Roo, but he is attached to his minky blanket and in particular, he likes to suck on his thumb while feeling the satin.

I thought it was funny and cute when Parker quickly honed in on the satin-like tags on a set of Mario-themed pajamas and the thumb-sucking commenced, because he associates the satin with his blankie and going to bed.

Parker's Satin Binding Obsession | shirley shirley bo birley Blog
Parker's Satin Binding Obsession | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

The toddler stage is occasionally trying (more so for me sometimes, I think, because Greg has a more commanding presence than I do), but generally adorable, and I enjoy seeing how much Parker is picking up (ABCs, counting, vocabulary, etc.). He seems to be learning a lot recently and I'm surprised when he says or does things that I didn't know he knew, such as words in Spanish that he gets from the daycare teachers. Just the other night, he busted out "rojo" after saying "red" while referring to Lightning McQueen, ha ha!

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