Friday, December 15, 2017

Ornament Round-up

We put up the Christmas tree pretty early this year, I think the weekend before Halloween. By "we", I mean, Greg with the kids because I was feeling under the weather that night and it was an activity for them to do, along with some help from my brother

I joked to Greg that it was legit due to the one Nightmare Before Christmas ornament we have, and that movie is holiday marketing genius because you can capture both Halloween and Christmas.

More than the tree though, the ornaments are my favorite. There's so many different kinds!

We didn't do a tree when it was just me and Greg, but we started to do one after Evelyn came. Since then, more ornaments with character have been added to our tree . . .


Ornament Round-up | shirley shirley bo birley
(LetterCraft, Practical Art, Frances, Mesa Arts Center Store)




(University of Arizona, Arizona Inn)


(Kal Barteski, Clementine, LetterCraft)

And finally, Evelyn asked me to take a picture of her holding an ornament (albeit this is a photo from a year ago):

Although we probably have enough ornaments on our tree already, I always have an eye out for unique ones!

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