Thursday, April 13, 2017

Parenting, Amiright?

I remember reading the comics section of the Sunday newspaper when I was younger, and The Family Circus would have a recurring "It's apparent you're a parent" theme. It wasn't as applicable to me then, but it's certainly been more applicable in recent years.

What are we doing? Oh, you know, just eatin' dinner on the floor of the kitchen one night, because we can:
Parenting, Amiright? | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

The occasional sibling sleepover. I think it's so cute, that I go check on them after they are asleep so I can just look at them:
Parenting, Amiright? | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Over the last few years, I jotted down some of my own "ha ha, that's parenting for ya!" moments:
  • When you pay for your kid to see Disney on Ice and they fall asleep before the show is over.
  • When you use kid versions of words and phrases in adult-only conversations, because it's now habit (like being on a date with your spouse, sans kids, and telling him that you have to go "potty" instead of saying that you have to use the restroom).
  • When you finally get the kids to bed early enough to watch a movie and you can't decide which movie to watch, because there are so many non-kid movies you haven't seen yet.
  • When you have to repeatedly explain that they can't take long showers, because we live in the desert.
  • When you get kicked in the face in the middle of the night while in a hotel on a trip. I sure do love a good kick in the face every now and then!
  • When your kid is a Chatty Cathy in the car during a road trip and you start to answer them with only "yeah," "okay," "right," and "uh-huh."
  • When I think about how my pre-kid self felt like there wasn't enough time in the day to [insert hobby here]. LOLOLOL.
  • When you're at Chinese school with your kid and you feel more Tiger mom than usual each time they don't know something that their classmates know. (Oh, that's just me being Asian? Okay . . . but still.)

Are there any other #parenting moments out there? There are probably ones I've experienced and forgotten to write down!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Parker's Fat Lips

Greg relayed this story to me from last Friday, and took some photos to go with it. Of course, Parker wasn't seriously hurt, which makes this a funny story.

At daycare, the toddler play area is sectioned off from the bigger kids. The patio sits a little higher than the grassy area, so the resulting mini-hill is a favorite of the toddlers to go down with their little plastic ride-ons (basically like a little bike, but no pedals).

The daycare staff reported that shortly before Greg arrived on Friday to pick Parker up, he decided to descend down the hill on a ride-on, but standing up. He ended up going over the handle bars and landing on his face.

Who could have foreseen that happening?! Just kidding, we all did. And now, here are the pictures Greg sent me while I was away this weekend documenting the fat lips and scratched-up chin, philtrum, and nose:

Some residual tears in eyes from the contact with the ground. Greg said the daycare staff reported he was mostly okay after the initial shock though.
Parker's Fat Lips | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Car selfie. Parker in the back still looking meh.
Parker's Fat Lips | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

The next morning. Still a little fat lip going on.
Parker's Fat Lips | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Monday, March 27, 2017

Bear Down Arizona Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt

I first tried my hand at a heat vinyl shirt using my Silhouette Cameo when I made this "I am this many" heat transfer vinyl shirt for Parker, and it was easier and faster than I had built it up to be in my head.

I'd meant to get to this Bear Down Arizona shirt for Parker a while ago, but finally got to it over the weekend after picking up a plain T-shirt from Wal-mart the week before. Just in time for March Madness!

Just kidding. Too late for March Madness since the UofA didn't make it past the Sweet Sixteen last week. But Parker can still wear this shirt all year, because . . . school pride!

Bear Down Arizona Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

It doesn't show in the picture, but I think I over-applied the heat with my iron on some areas of the design. I can certainly see how a heat press makes sense for someone who makes a lot of shirts.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Awkward Sleeping

Around the holidays, we moved Parker out of sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a twin size bed. We did the same with Evie at roughly the same age.

I wasn't quite ready for it. I felt like he was still a baby! And, it kept him contained in the mornings because he didn't know how to get out of his crib yet. But in a twin size bed where there's no railings - all bets are off!

Part of the challenge in transitioning to a "big kid" bed from a crib is getting the kiddos to actually stay in bed. With Parker, as with Evie, we found him sleeping in awkward places and/or positions as a result of not staying in bed, such as . . .

At the top of the stairwell. Since he knew that he wasn't supposed to be out of bed, he didn't actually come downstairs (sometimes detection is escaped in this manner), but he eventually fell asleep there when he got tuckered out:

Awkward Sleeping | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Half-off the bed. It was clear to us that he'd been out of bed, and tried to get back in bed, then ended up falling asleep not completely on the bed:

Awkward Sleeping | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

We've also found him asleep on the floor of his room, as well as in the hallway right outside of the master bedroom.

As an aside, I love footie pajamas on babies and toddlers. Aren't they so cute? I'll be sad when Parker outgrows them (whether from a size and/or preference perspective). In Phoenix, the season for footie pajamas is pretty much over considering that daytime temperatures are starting to heat up.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Parker at Two

Parker turned two at the beginning of the month!

I feel a tad guilty that I never got around to blogging months 11 and 12 for him . . . I'll consider it a success that I did get through 10 months, plus all 12 months of photos (Parker's monthly photos).

There was a week in January that Parker was sick, so he was waking up every night for a couple hours and was pretty fussy while he was up (unless he was eating). He fell asleep on a pillow in our room for a short period one night:

He wanted to have the big polar bear from my mom in his bed:

Stuffing his face with chips at the book fair at Evelyn's school. This boy loves to eat.

Rode the bumper boats at Enchanted Island Amusement Park in Encanto Park. He didn't know what to do, so he just sat in the bumper boat while it puttered around. His expression is funny!

  • Puts his hands on his hips, not with attitude, just because it's a new thing
  • Loves playing any kind of ball
  • Is very polite. Often says "thank you, mama" or "ah choo, mama" (his equivalent of "bless you")
  • Can say a bunch of words (and recognizes more): mama, daddy (including in Chinese), get up, hold me (in Chinese), more (including in Chinese), cheese, sister (in Chinese), not nice, be nice, grandma, grandpa, eye, mouth, nose, doggy, cat (in Chinese), shiny, Moana, happy, thank you, no thank you, ball, bear (including in Chinese), need help, I see, my turn, shower (in Chinese), I love you (in Chinese), read
  • Learned how to pucker his lips for kisses
  • Gives us hugs if we pretend to cry
  • Says "My Little Pony," but can't pronounce all the words, so he says, "Me me me me me" with the same intonations.
  • Pointed out Dory by name when he saw the character. I didn't even know he knew Dory.
  • Pretended to call Grandma, which I, of course, got on video and sent to Grandma, who very much enjoyed it.
  • Imitates Statler and Waldorf laughing (they're the two old guys from the Muppets)
  • Pretends to bite and be bitten with daddy, so that he can say, "No bite!"
  • Asks to read, and especially likes Pout Pout Fish

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