Friday, February 23, 2007

Geek Test

I had a laugh while looking at this Geek Test that I found out about from someone at work. I liked these questions: (My comments are in italics)

I HAVE . . .
indexed and catalogued any personal collection (Don't think I have thought about this before - I collect several things that may or may not be construed as "geeky." I like to call it . . . "artsy.")
worked for a Renaissance Faire (Ha.)
argued about which "Trek" is the best (Greg says that he is guilty of this, which makes this next one partially true, though I suppose Greg can say the same of me)
married a geek (a HOT one)

I LIKE TO . . .
turn on my computer first thing in the morning (I see nothing wrong with this . . . I have to check my emails! Maybe you didn't know this, but I'm kind of a big deal.)

I PLAY . . .
Call of Cthulhu ("Cthulhu" . . . ? I don't even know.)
Weird Al Yankovic (Burn! On Greg.)
Weezer (Burn! On me.)
computer strategy games (Does Command & Conquer fall into this category?)

I WEAR . . .
a digital watch (Uh . . . people like athletes wear digital watches too, don't they?)

vintage computers (This sounds like something both my dad and Greg's dad does! And by "collect" I mean "can't bear to throw away" and by "vintage" I mean "obsolete")
stamps (Guilty.)
coins (Guilty.)

I KNOW . . .
that Aol is the Spawn of Satan (Greg and I have had discussions about this . . . not the "Spawn of Satan" part, but that AOL is used by people who aren't so savvy with computers and/or the Internet)
that Bill Gates is both God and Satan (Maybe a little exaggerated . . . )

My profession requires a certain level of geekiness (So true . . . )
I think this Geek Test is really cool (The box for this statement is already checked as the default)

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