Friday, February 23, 2007

Car Accident, Sewing, and Shoes

People have an irresistible, undeniable fascination with car accidents, big or small. It's why traffic always slows even when there's only a minor fender bender. Get the policemen/firemen/paramedics involved with their flashing lights and blasting sirens and you've got yourself quite the attraction. Sometimes, I don't even think it's conscious that people are slowing down to look, and yet it's so irritating for the people behind who know something is wrong, but they just haven't seen it themselves. This, of course, prefaces my talking about Greg's car accident this afternoon.

Greg was sitting at the intersection of 48th and Warner waiting for the light to turn green when one car T-boned another in front of him. Greg was traveling East on Warner. The other car that got hit was traveling West on Warner. The green light and arrow came on first for the Westbound people, so the other car started to come through the intersection. Meanwhile, a woman traveling South on 48th Street ran the red light and hit the other (Westbound) car coming through the green light. She was deflected upon impact with the other car and started rolling in a southwest direction where she ended up hitting Greg's stationary Camry. She wasn't going very fast when she hit Greg, but the bumper of the Camry needs repair or replacement (not sure which at this point). I took some pictures with my camera phone, but no idea how to get those off there.

Anyway, I'm glad Greg was more of a bystander that got hit rather than him hitting someone or being hit the way the other guy was. The two cars that collided had to be towed away, but Greg drove away. This whole thing happened as Greg was on his way to take his CPA, but good thing he left very early with plenty of time to spare.

It was kind of interesting because this was one of those accidents that you come across at an intersection and part of it is blocked off by damaged cars still on the scene with policemen and police/rescue vehicles parked around. This wasn't the worst accident, but it did cause some backing up at an already busy intersection.

I've made a tentative appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday to start some sewing lessons with Greg's mom! I'm excited since I've been wanting to learn how to sew for a while now. We're going to make our way over to Jo Ann's, I think, and pick out a pattern to start out with. I don't know if I want to tackle any clothing yet . . . There's a sewing magazine I picked up while at Costco (30% off cover price!) that has some pretty simple things that I'd like to see about doing first. Whee.

I'm in the middle of a shoe-buying mood. I think Dora sparked it with her talk of shoes. I see celebrities with closets full of shoes and I'm envious, but I know that I couldn't possibly wear all those shoes if I had as many as they did. They just look so good laid out on the shelves though!

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