Monday, February 26, 2007

Carol Wingert

So last summer, my mom audited this lady, Carol Wingert, who is a "professional" scrapbooker. My mom came back from her audit having written down her blog address, plus the name of a local scrapbook store that I never knew existed (Annalis Scraptique). I've since then been regularly reading her blog, as well as going to the scrapbook store (perhaps to Greg's dismay as I am acquiring scrapbook supplies at a faster rate than I am using them). In any case, today I had this thought, I wonder if that lady ever blogged about my mom auditing her. And lo and behold, I found it!


I would have posted a screenshot, but she has a copyright on her blog and I thought it'd be silly of me to ask if I could screenshot her blog to post on my blog . . . so you just get a link.

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