Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Apron Supplies and Costco Carafe

Made a trip to Jo Ann's with Greg's mom after work to pick up a pattern and fabric for my first ever sewing project! Okay, I made this pillow in high school for art class (it wasn't just a pillow, it had stuff sewn on it), but I don't count that as "real" sewing. After looking (ogling) through several pattern catalogs, I decided to do something that wouldn't matter if I messed up on (and by "mess up" I mean "not perfect the way a perfectionist like me likes it") because I would never wear it out. And so this is it: 


Keep in mind that I picked up this fabric in the "closeout" section, which didn't have a choice selection . . . but I actually like the pattern a lot despite that. It's very reminiscent of a scrapbook paper design to me. They had the same pattern in blue as well, but there wasn't enough left of that bolt to get the 1 5/8 yards I needed.

Greg went to Costco Home yesterday and picked up this carafe and wine glass set on the discount rack (it was just the carafe/stopper and 6 wine glasses in the set)

Lazy Susan Silhouette Glassware New

He got it for me. : ) I like the carafe and stopper the best.

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