Sunday, March 4, 2007

Suns Game and Artsy Weekend

Greg and I went to the Sun's game today against the Lakers. I have to say that although basketball doesn't tend to be particularly interesting to me, it's more fun to watch live versus on TV. One of Greg's coworkers had some season tickets, so Greg and I went with her and another of Greg's coworkers/former classmate. The Suns won (yay!) and I saw one of my coworkers perform who is on the Suns dance team. I was impressed . . . it's interesting (maybe even weird, sometimes) to see people out of the context or environment that you normally see them (which is, in the case of this coworker, only in a professional work environment). Anyway, I remember that the last time the Suns did really well (and I mean, really well), I was in 2nd grade and the Suns made it all the way to the finals/championships/whatever it's called and played the Bulls (but lost in the end).

Yesterday, Greg and I did some artsy things. In the morning, we did the Art Detour downtown where we walked around to different galleries and studios. I think much of the art didn't suit our tastes, but it was fun to do at least once. One of the things that I really like about downtown is that many of the galleries and studios are in older, historic buildings and homes and I love looking at historic structures. We also saw this workspace in one of the studios we visited and thought it was kind of cool:


There was also this older home converted into a wine bar/restaurant:


I liked the look of the house from the outside. Had some nice "vintage" touches.

After the Art Detour, we made a stop at this craft show, Briar Patch Marketplace, at Mountain Pointe. Greg indulged me, because typically he wouldn't want to go to these types of things with me. The show this time was a lot smaller than I recall (like half as big), but Greg and I ended up really liking this baby quilt and bought it:


Not that we're planning on using it any time soon.

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