Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Real business is done on paper. Write that down."


I saw this library catalog card generator on a scrapbooker's blog (Teresa McFayden) that I've been following and thought it'd be fun to give it a try. Looks to me like a good tool for making up a journaling block! I noticed that different cards come up when you generate them.

I went with my mom to the Chinese New Year festivities at the Chinese Cultural Center. I just wanted to see what they had there, but it turned out to be not much different than when I last went several years ago. Should've brought my camera to snap some pictures of little girls and boys in traditional Chinese outfits.
They were charging $5 for parking, which I thought was a rip off since there was free parking in office lots right across the street.

On a Chinese New Year's-related note . . . I like the little holiday graphics that Google and Yahoo have:


I think Google's is better. Plus, I think Yahoo copied Google with the whole holiday graphic thing. I also wrote about Google's holiday graphics back when it was the Year of the Rooster.

I went with my mom to Target this afternoon as well. I really like Target (as do many other people). I especially like the Dollar Spot and the travel size toiletry aisle next to the Pharmacy. They had some $1 Peter Rabbit tins, which I thought were cute - I've made it my scrap paper pail.


I also found these $1 magnetic photo tins on an endcap in the housewares section: (I have no photo in it)


I didn't make it to the scrapbook store to get some eyelet numbers like I intended, but I went ahead and finished my card anyway using what I had. This is the birthday card I made for Lee Anne:
(22 better have been the right birthday, or I'll be disappointed with myself)


Have to admit - I don't like what I actually used for the numbers as much as I would have liked little metal eyelet numbers.

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