Friday, February 16, 2007

Wild Thaiger and Funny Story

Lunch today with Dora and Lee Anne (and Greg)! I took kind of a long lunch, but that's all right. We went to a Thai place downtown called Wild Thaiger. It was pretty tasty. Greg and I shared some curry chicken and peanut chicken. And we tried some of Dora/Lee Anne's ginger chicken. Also, we saw Shadi there having lunch with boyfriend Sol . . . it was quite the coincidence. Out of all the restaurants in Phoenix and all the days we could have gone to lunch, it happened to be today at that restaurant. I was glad we saw her there. She's been super busy this semester and Greg and I have both called a couple times, but hadn't been able to reach her. Anyway, so I always like seeing my "childhood girlfriends" when I can. Too bad we don't do lunch or whatever more often. Lee Anne mentioned she was taking a ceramics class, which made Greg very interested. She also mentioned that we can scrapbook, which made me very interested. Mmmmm . . . scrapbooking. Maybe that inspired me to go to Costco after work to get some pictures developed for scrapbooking purposes. I'd been putting it off.

At work today, I was visiting a couple different client locations doing a test. I had a guy (his name was Ted) from the client accompanying me (gives me more credibility) while I was doing the test since it involved me looking at random people's computers. On the car ride over to one location, he was telling me how he actually used to be at that location. Then when we walked in to the building, we saw this one lady, who was all excited and asked, "Is this Mrs. Ted?!" I was like, " . . . " Well, the guy answered her, but it was kind of funny since his wife happened to be Korean - the lady assumed that I might have been his wife since I'm Asian. Instead, I was just the auditor. Bummer for her.

I want to go to the Chinese New Year's Festival at the Chinese Cultural Center. I'm thinking Sunday since Greg and I will be down in Tucson tomorrow. It's been a few years since I've gone . . .

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