Sunday, April 15, 2007

Question-Talker and Boots

: Look, I gotta go. I've got a new attending and he hates it when we're late. Plus, he's a question-talker.
J.D.: What's a question-talker?
Dr. Lemmon: Do I want you to be on time, Dr. Turk? Yes, I do. Am I going to remember this? Of course I am.

I have been looking for boots all winter. Okay, yes, is it ever really "winter" in Phoenix? Not really. But hey, winter wear looks nice and you bet I'm pulling it all out to wear once the temperature drops below 50 degrees. In any case, my looking for boots all winter turned out to be a fruitless search given that I wasn't willing to shell out the $100 for a pair of decent, leather, mid-to-tall black skinny-heeled boots. I caved this week after searching on Piperlime and bought a few pairs to try out. I'm keeping these:


They looked so good, I got the brown and the black. A little excessive? Maybe. Do intend to keep these babies in the closet until the next time winter rolls around? No way! I mean, granted, I wouldn't wear them to a summer picnic or a trip to the zoo (that would be skanktastic!), but totally office-worthy (I have to keep warm in those cold office buildings, right?).

I won't tell you how much I spent (unless you really want to know and ask me directly). I've noticed that my spending habits are somewhat less tight than they were, say, a year ago when my income was a big goose egg.

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