Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tooling Around Downtown

Taxes due on the 17th mean that it's busy season for Greg. Busy season for Greg means he goes in to work on Saturdays. Greg going into work on Saturdays means I tool around downtown while he works. Fun! My only complaint is that Phoenix doesn't have quite the downtown that some other cities have. But then, do I really want to hassle with parking the same way that other big city downtown areas do? Not really.

So anyway . . . made a stop at Michael's this morning where I got some silk flowers for a craft project. Apparently floral stems can't be snipped with just anything, so my plans to complete my little crafty project will have to wait until I can get my hands on a better tool. (I already messed up some heavy duty kitchen scissors and a pair of wire strippers/cutters attempting to cut stems).

Also stopped at Frances (finally). Very cool store with a bunch of neat things.


Saw this wide belt I really liked. After trying it on though, I came to the conclusion that Greg was right all along when he said that my body type (i.e., short) is not suited for wide belts. Too bad. I tried so hard to believe and convince both of us that I just didn't have the right belt.

A couple dresses caught my eye there too, not that I could justify actually getting either of them:


I really liked this brown and white printed dress with mint green sheer overlay


I just liked the look of this dress.

I thought this baby tee was so cute, I couldn't pass it up:


The lady who owned Frances was very nice - she let me take pictures to post : ). She opened the store last year, I think pretty much from scratch. Takes a lot of work and guts to start your own business . . . I'm always impressed to hear of the ones that have been successful, because it can be such a gamble.

Went to Lucky 15 after Frances - they had a spring sale going on. I know I said that I didn't really need more scrapbooking stuff . . . but how could I pass up a sale?!

Overall, a pretty productive day for me given that the alternative would have seen me getting up at 12:00 or 1:00. I don't seem to be able to sleep in as late as I used to when I was younger . . . my back starts to hurt after 10 or 11 hours.

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