Thursday, May 31, 2007

Golf Outing

Went a-golfing today for work (sort of) at the Grayhawk Golf Club. Actually, it was a golf outing for a client and since I was not staffed on any other clients that day (or this week, for that matter), a day of golfing was to be had.

The last time I went golfing was two summers ago when I was intern. It was stinkin' hot and I sucked. This time it was less stinkin' hot, but I still sucked. Nevertheless, I scored two $25 gift cards - one for being on the team with the worst/highest score and one for getting the longest women's drive.

I don't know how I managed the longest women's drive, but I suspect that it's because no one else bothered to write their name down on the score sheet next to the hole. Also, the odds were likely in my favor because a) there weren't that many women and b) many of them, including me, probably weren't that great at golf (although some of them may have been better than me).

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