Monday, May 28, 2007

Santa Fe Road Trip

Back from Santa Fe! Greg and I spent Memorial Day weekend with Stephanie (who I work with) and her husband, Julio, roadtripping to Chaco Canyon, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe.

Our first stop on the roadtrip (side question: is "roadtrip" supposed to be one or two words?) was Chaco Canyon (technically Chaco Culture National Historical Park), where there different sites with ruins that we visited. Pueblo Bonita is one of the most famous sites at the park:


This is me curiously looking into a two story portion of the ruin that was still relatively intact. This is also Greg looking at anything but ruins.


Our second stop was in Albuquerque where we tried to "secret eat" Greg's parents' bar. They checked our IDs at the door, however, so I don't know if our cover was blown or not. Albuquerque was only meant to be a few hours though.

Our final destination was Santa Fe where we walked around downtown, visited some historic churches around there, and partook in some arts and crafts shows going on:

St. Francis Cathedral

The "oldest house" was right next door to the church, but it was closed. Not that I paid the $1.00 admission to get into the church anyway.

It was a short, fast trip, but Stephanie and Julio were fun to roadtrip with.

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