Sunday, September 9, 2007

Paint Smarter, Not Harder

Dora, Lee Anne, and Kimberly came yesterday morning to help me out with painting my craft/study room (so good!). We almost finished the primer, then for the rest of the day - and into the wee hours of the morning - I painted the first coat of yellow (double good!). My hands, however, are sore from all the painting I've been doing lately (no good!). In painting the first coat of yellow, I tried to be careful to *hopefully* avoid having to do a second coat (primer = no fun, first coat of color = fun, second coat of color = old news), but we'll have to see in the light of day how the first coat turned out.

While painting, I pulled out this stool (maybe I shouldn't refer to it as a "stool" since Dora said you're not supposed to actually stand on it because it's unstable and Asian relatives who possess similar stools will scold you for actually trying to stand on it):


Apparently, these stools are often used as handy/readily available street fighting weapons (in movies, in real life, or both? I wasn't clear on that) since you often find them in street market food stands (in China/Hong Kong) and can be conveniently grabbed and used as a tool for hitting other people should a scuffle happen to break out on or near the street. Maybe Dora needs to elaborate. But seriously. I don't even remember everything Dora said about the stool being used in fights and it's still hilarious. I was laughing while telling Greg and almost couldn't get the words out.

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