Sunday, September 9, 2007



Pope blasts Europeans for not having enough children

by Sim Sim Wissgott
Sat Sep 8, 3:27 PM ET

MARIAZELL, Austria (AFP) - Pope Benedict XVI blasted Europeans for being selfish and not having enough children, in a sermon on Saturday at the 850-year-old pilgrimage site of Mariazell in Austria.

"Europe has become child-poor. We want everything for ourselves and place little trust in the future," the pope told a crowd of faithful from his canopied area at an open-air, afternoon mass that took place under heavy rain.

But Benedict held out hope, saying: "The earth will be deprived of a future only when the forces of the human heart and of reason illuminated by the heart are extinguished . . . Where God is, there is the future."

[. . .]

a) Europe already has a lot of people.
b) There's no guarantee that all the children he's encouraging people to have are going to turn out to be faithful Catholics.
c) Overpopulation is already a problem. At some point, practicality trumps ideology.

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