Monday, September 3, 2007

Progress on the House (and Lack of on the Server)

Boo to the lack of pictures and posting . . . the server has not yet been set up because its priority level fails to place it on the "things to do for the house" list. I tried to "fast track" the set up of the server, but we (i.e., Greg) discovered/realized that we (i.e., Greg) have to switch out all jacks for the structured wiring from phone to CAT5. Hopefully this will happen in the next week or so, although there are many other projects that are needing to be done (blinds, painting, moving stuff around so that the carpet peeps can change out the defective carpet pad after we've already moved all our junk onto the carpet . . . )

I'm itching to be crafty and post though, especially since my (one) class this semester is once a week, after we finish with the house projects, I can have a few days a week to be crafty.

I'm hoping to get my craft room primed this Friday so that on Saturday we (Dora? Lee Anne? Kimberly? Melody? Whoever else might want to help?) can actually paint the room with color. It's actually kind of a drag to do the priming cause it's just white.

I did make excellent progress today as I spent about 6 hours painting our master bedroom. I did an entire coat myself, save the edges and corners. I feel super accomplished. Once the server is up - pictures!

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