Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo-Filled Saturday

Our day consisted of:

(1) We went hiking with my dad and brother on South Mountain this morning (which was actually the result of a conversation in which Greg declared that I am a lazy butt, which I'd like to deny, but can't). The trail we took gave us some good views of the valley, which Greg took pictures of:


The hike was followed by breakfast at IHOP, where I saw Will and Stacey with Ben.

(2) This is our living room with Greg's studio lighting equipment all set up (but this picture was taken after three rambunctious kids were on the backdrop):


It was fancy shmancy.

Greg took pictures of his former co-worker and family as a practice session. Taking pictures of three young kids intent on chasing kitties who made themselves scarce meant for some picture-taking challenges.

(3) Since all of the equipment was still set up, we experimented with the equipment taking pictures of ourselves!

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