Friday, March 7, 2008

Me at Target

"I didn't come here to shop, I came here to buy stuff."

What is that? "Shopping" and "buying stuff" are the same, you say? I beg to differ. "Shopping" is an enjoyable pastime. "Buying stuff" is a chore.

On Wednesday, Greg and I went to Target to run an errand (i.e., buy household items, thus a chore). Target, however, carries a wide variety of products, including (but not limited to): scrapbooking, stationery, clothing, shoes, furniture, kitchen accessories, bath accessories, home accents, office supplies, AND . . . a dollar aisle. Well, I have a tendency to get distracted at Target (and who doesn't?), so Greg was making comments about me not going off and looking at other things when the purpose of going into Target was to get three very specific things. My response to him was, "Pshaw! I didn't come here to shop, I came here to buy stuff." Then we both started to laugh after I realized what I had just said. To Greg, shopping is synonymous with buying stuff. To me, there is a distinction. I don't go out with friends to buy stuff. That would be boring. I go out with friends to shop. Shopping is an experience that transcends buying stuff. Greg says it's a girl thing.

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