Monday, August 18, 2008

(Geeky) Milestone

Greg and I have reached a milestone: We've finally finished watching the entire Star Trek: Voyager series! I know it sounds like a nerdy thing to do, but I suppose we are geeks at heart. I can't deny that they have been quite entertaining. We've been working through the seven seasons for probably a year or so now. It's almost kind of sort of sad that it's all come to an end . . .

We do, however, have some other entertainment lined up, for when we have the time:

  • Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended versions (we're thinking marathon format for this)
  • Band of Brothers mini series (I wish we could bump this up the list, but unfortunately, Greg already called Lord of the Rings first)
  • Enchanted on Blu-ray (Greg informed me that this got bumped to the top of the list. Boo to him. We just saw this.)
  • Who knows what else? But I better call it before Greg does.

1 comment :

  1. OK, it's a late comment, but I have to respond -- be very careful when you schedule time to watch the marathon sessions of extended LOTR trilogy! It may possibly consume your life until there's nothing left but a shell of your former pre-LOTR-special-features self.

    I got hooked watching the extended DVDs while I was sick last year and luckily (?) I was sick a long time, because they're really about, what, 12 DVDs or something, if you include all the extra versions and mini-docs? Quite the OD, and now every other DVD extended release has not quite lived up to my expectations.

    And in other comments -- I don't know if you both also watched DS9 or not, but J. just did a photo job for a play here and we found out afterwards 1 of the 3 actors was the guy who played Garak. No wonder he looked slightly familiar in an eerie way.

    Anyway, enjoy all the upcoming movie and TV marathons!


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