Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blog Updates

Remember how I said I was fickle? Yeah. That's why I made my blog background white now. Been that way for a little bit now.


a) I finally got around to including pictures in my vacation posts:

Columbia River Gorge
Crater Lake
California Coast

And: website photo album

b) I moved my blog pictures over to Flickr a couple months ago. I liked hosting images on our own server, but our server isn't quite as reliable as an online service (it's subject to residential power outages and all).

c) At some point, I'm getting around to adding the last handful of months (January 2007 - May 2007) to Blogger from LiveJournal. Prior to that, there was a six month blogging gap that conveniently divided my "college blogging years" with my "adult blogging years." Don't get confused if you see old posts show up as new posts. FYI. (I know that transferring blog posts isn't something I have to do, but I'm weird like that and things have to be consistent, or else it bothers me).

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