Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

"Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pieeeeee"
- from Just Shoot Me, episode "Slow Donnie"

We had some airline miles that were expiring and opted to redeem those miles for some magazine subscriptions, including Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. There was a chicken pot pie recipe in the October issue that we tried out when we had my dad and brother over for dinner yesterday and it turned out quite well. I was pretty impressed with (a) the recipe and (b) myself. Greg helped too, of course. We modified the recipe a bit by adding potatoes, which worked out tastily.

(This was after my brother had taken a bite. I'd forgotten to take a picture before we started eating).

Based on this experience, I say we need to try out some other recipes. I feel like the recipes from Everyday Food are more attainable than the ones I've been seeing in Bon Appetit, which often require ingredients that we don't typically have on hand since I'm not a serious cook or even a foodie.

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