Friday, April 9, 2010

21K Bike Ride

As of today, I'm committed to doing the bike portion of this sprint triathlon! And by "committed," I mean "in the hole $60 if I don't go through with it." Well, I guess I'll still be out $60 even if I do go through with it, but at least I'll come out of it with a sense of accomplishment. $60 worth, to be exact.

Early on, when we first got the email from a co-worker that she was doing the triathlon (and that others should join her), I'd entertained the idea of doing both the bike and run. I even started running! Of my own free will! For exercise! But that lasted all of a week. Fortunately, one girl (Amy) is willing to do the swimming and another girl (Kati) is willing to do the running, so then we got ourselves a relay team together!

With four weeks left until the triathlon, I have to get more serious about training. Greg and I are planning on going on a bike ride tomorrow morning. No bailing out like a wuss (a.k.a. last weekend). For realz.

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