Sunday, April 18, 2010

In My Purse

Thought this purse dump was a cool idea from Stacy Julian's blog.

No diptych with a picture of myself, because it's actually kind of hard to take a self-portrait with a hulking SLR (or maybe I just haven't figured out how to do it), but I may take one if/when I get around to scrapbooking what's in my purse.


- badges
- Chipotle gift card (courtesy of Greg)
- business cards
- national park annual pass (borrowed from my dad)
- pack of gum
- ASU student ID
- library card
- punch cards
- frequent shopper cards
- ad + coupons from The Limited (which ultimately sit in my purse until after they expire)
- email from a student at UofA asking questions for a class assignment
- torn-off top of a box of green tea (from my mom, so that I can get some from Lee Lee's)
- mirror
- camera
- wallet
- lotion
- Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine (my most favorite lip stuff, perhaps ever)
- Blistex chapstick (not my favorite, but there for backup, because it's worse having dry lips)
- key to Greg's car
- my keys
- calculator (Greg made fun of me for having it in my purse, but that was coming from the same guy who was ogling a fancy wireless ten key for his laptop - you be the judge of who is the nerdier accountant)
- phone
- Post-It flags
- various pens/highlighters
- flash drive

Caught up on this week's episode of Glee. Love it. Reminds me of how much I enjoy musicals. Except Phantom of the Opera. That was boring.

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  1. Really? Could you not find a bigger calculator? How often do you really use that outside of work? If it's for work...I would put it in your laptop bag. If it's for times you need it outside of work...does the calculator on your phone not cut it?



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