Friday, April 30, 2010

Current Likes

Some current likes:

I'd been eyeing Pumas in this style since college:


I could never convince myself to spend the $80 to get a pair though. When we stopped at an outlet mall in California on the way back from Disneyland, Greg and Mako convinced me to get a pair (blue and tan suede - pink's not really my thing). Luckily, I fit into kids sizes, so they were half as much as adult sizes (yay). Last week when I was traveling, these were the only casual shoes I brought, aside from flip-flops, and that was a hard decision because I usually bring flats with me too. I thought that perhaps five pairs of shoes (2 pairs of heels, Pumas, flats, and flip-flops) for four days of travel might have been overkill. Heh.

Baker's twine
In all different colors from Divine Twine:


Do I have a specific purpose for baker's twine in all different colors, other than crafting? No. But all different colors make me happy. Kind of like when I went through my closet a couple years ago and organized my clothes by color.

Mint ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt


Mmmm. Mint chocolate chip. While in the airport in Charlotte (we were there the whole day doing work), I passed by a gelato place and checked to see if they had mint (no mint = dealbreaker). They had no mint, but they had two (TWO) things of pistachio. Is that really that great a flavor to warrant TWO of those and NO mint? Gelato place whose name I can't remember in CLT, you're dead to me.

Pottery Barn shelf
Every time I see this cubby organizer


in the Pottery Barn catalog, it tempts me. But I have nowhere to put it and it's kind of pricey, as are most things from Pottery Barn. Still looks sweet though.

Workout clothes
I'm a fan of workout clothes. Which totally doesn't mesh with my sloth-like lifestyle, but I just think they look good. I've been looking more at workout clothes since (a) I'm supposed to be training for this whole triathlon bike ride thing and (b) we are trying to lead a more active lifestyle. I especially like racerback tanks such as this, this, and this:


Only bad thing is that workout clothes can be expensive. $40 for a shirt/tank? No, thank you. I'll stick with all the free T-shirts I got in college.

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