Sunday, May 2, 2010

Melrose Vintage and Fry Bread House

Scrapbook stores don't seem to stay alive very well here in Phoenix (maybe everywhere?), but I discovered last year that Melrose Vintage on 7th Ave. and Indian School has a pretty well-stocked scrapbooking section with a lot of variety for a store that's not dedicated to scrapbooking.

Greg was so kind as to take me there yesterday - we tried to go a week or two ago, but they weren't open for the day yet and we couldn't wait. Worked out well since I needed ("needed") some supplies for the next card exchange.

Although I did get some studying for REG done yesterday, I also got a package ready to send to Greg's aunt, Kris, and made this quick tag to go with it using some papers I'd gotten earlier in the day:


(I think I will be using that butterfly punch a lot).

After Melrose Vintage, we had lunch just down the street at Fry Bread House. It's easy to miss from the street, but it's pretty delish. Tacos made out of fry bread? How can you go wrong with that combination? Just don't think about how fatty it could possibly be and you're good to go!


  1. And Greg's aunt Kris appreciated those cards VERY MUCH! Cool tag too... I could imagine using little butterfly punch-outs as a kind of confetti in a card or package too.

  2. And Greg's aunt Kris appreciated those cards very much! Cool tag too... can imagine using butterfly punch-outs as confetti in a card or package.

  3. And Greg's aunt Kris is getting really annoyed with inability to see if comment post attempt was successful or not. Oh well!


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