Friday, August 27, 2010

Is This My Car? Layout

Greg's all about the surprises. Earlier this year, he concocted an elaborate plan, after scheming with Mako (our exchange student at the time) and Stephanie, to surprise me with dinner + gifts in celebration of finishing school and our anniversary (it was early for both, but I'm not complaining). Such effort deserves to be immortalized in the form of a scrapbook page!


The sketch is from the Cosmo Cricket blog.

I used wrapping paper on the layout from all the random junk Greg gift-wrapped as distractors. I can't help but save stuff!

What's funny about the whole thing is that the night before the shiz went down, I started to walk into Mako's room to talk to her and she quickly pushed me out and asked me three times in the span of about five minutes if I wanted any water. I thought it was weird at the time and even told Greg about it. He chalked it up to Mako being a teen. I came to find out the next day that all the goods were being hidden in her room as the least likely place for me to find them and Mako's ONE job was to keep me from finding it. And then it all made sense! The end.

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