Sunday, September 5, 2010

Accounting Blogs

I admit, I love me some blogs.

The other day, Greg made a point of noting that I've read 1,403 blogs over the past 30 days. Then he said he didn't feel bad for me when I claimed to be too busy, because clearly I wasn't. I beg to differ, but I might lose on that one. (To be fair, I don't actually READ every single word of every post. Sometimes I just skim and other times I just look at the pictures).

Although the majority of my blogs are of the crafty variety, I also follow some Accounting blogs, as nerdy as that may sound and/or be. My favorite is Going Concern. I've heard that re: The Auditors is pretty good. I also follow my company's recruiting blog. And although they don't update it anymore, Stuff Accountants Like has some good shiz (insight into what it's like to be an auditor and whathaveyou).

By the way. Who else is excited for the return of Glee on September 21st?! Britney Spears episode this season!

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