Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conversations with an Exchange Student

S = Shirley (a.k.a. Shiarly)
G = Greg (a.k.a. The Greak)
Y = exchange student

Via text message:
S: I will plan to pick you up from the library around 5:45.
Y: Now I'm in the Greak's office!

What the heck does that mean? In my head, I know he meant Greg. But man. Greak? Greg told me that my name is spelled as "Shiarly" in his phone. Nice!

Over Facebook:
G: Tomorrow is Friday.
Y: Really????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An hour or two later, in person:
Y: Tomorrow, I still have school.
G & S: Yes . . .
Y: Greg said tomorrow is Friday.
G: Yes, tomorrow is Friday
Y: Oh, so tomorrow is not holiday?

I'm not really sure where the confusion was with that conversation. I think he somehow got the word "Friday" confused with the Labor Day holiday on Monday. Don't ask me how.

During dinner:
S: So did you turn in your form?
Y: Form?
S: Form is that paper you signed. Did you turn it into your community aide?
Y: Ah yes.
S: So you gave it to that lady at school?
Y: Yes. Yes.
G: Who did you give it to?
Y: (silence)
S: So did you turn in your form?
Y: Form?
S: Yeah, it's that paper you signed last week.
Y: Ah, no. Maybe the day after tomorrow.

Oh ::tear::. Mako's English was better, since she came to stay with us in the spring semester. This time around, we got him pretty fresh from Japan, so his English and his communications with us have been interesting.

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