Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Design Update

Sometimes I get a hankering to change up the look of my blog. I decided I'd give the new Blogger templates a try. I'm not knowledgeable enough with the code to do anything fancy, but I can Google it. In any case, I just tweaked the colors of one of the pre-existing templates, put together a new header in Photoshop Elements, and called it good enough for my current skill level.

I first did a header with carnival tickets (which I scanned) that I have in my scrapbooking supplies:


I didn't feel like it meshed with what I was going for though. So I nixed that header and went with one where I pieced together digital tape strips:


I used these tape strips from Pugly Pixel:
Patterned tape strips
Solid tape strips

There's a lot of other free digital stuff on Pugly Pixel that looks fun to play with. I think I'll have to check these out too:
Velvet strips and corners
Vintage fabric deco tapes
Scallop and starburst medallions
Dot your dots
Paper buffet (all you can eat) <-- I think this is my favorite, with all the variety of elements

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