Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Weather Weekend Outing

This past weekend, the weather in Phoenix was fantastic. There are two short windows of spring and fall during the year where the weather in Phoenix is enviable while other parts of the country are contending with cold and snow.

On Saturday, we went out all date-like and did a bunch of things. It was fun - we don't normally go out like that in the interest of saving money. And plus, I tend to like vegging at home, maybe to Greg's dismay since he's a doer.

Downtown Farmer's Market
On the walk to the farmer's market from our car a couple blocks away:

Breakfast burritos:

Pulled pork sandwich and brat, with me nom nom'ing:

No picture of the snow cone that we got, but it was "tiger blood" flavor (coconut + berry flavors). It was good, but I don't think any snow cone/shaved ice here will ever compare to the mango shaved ice we had in a Taiwan mall food court when we were there in 2005. It was like fresh snow, topped with cream and fresh mangoes, and we have yet to discover something comparable here.

Japanese Friendship Garden
We decided to walk around the garden since the weather was so nice.


Frances and Smeeks
Also known as, "We almost took some photo booth pictures." I decided that since we were already going to be in the downtown area, we should go to Smeeks for photo booth pictures. I made this decision after we already left the house, so Greg didn't do his hair, and we eventually decided to go back for photo booth pictures on a day that Greg had a chance to do his hair.


Rainbow Donuts
Donut holes from Rainbow Donuts. I like this picture for its perspective.


Amano Bistro
Bread with olive oil and vinegar:

Tomato and basil bruschetta:

Poblano chili and mushroom pizza:

Ribeye in cream sauce with fingerling potatoes:

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