Friday, March 11, 2011

Martha Stewart Crafts Products

I've found Martha Stewart's line of craft products to be kind of hit or miss. I have a handful of Martha Stewart products, a few that I've thought worked great and the others, I think could work better.

1-inch Starburst Punch and Classic Butterfly Punch
I really like these two punches. I use them a lot. I bought the starburst punch at Michael's and the butterfly punch at Wal-mart. Overall, I think they are on par with other punches, so they're among the Martha Stewart products I have that work well.

Circle Cutter
I haven't really used this circle cutter in earnest (i.e., on paper that I care about for a project). I have, however, tested it out on scratch paper and the results have been okay. I read the reviews on Amazon after I bought it and the reviews weren't that favorable, but I tend to agree with them. It is a little hard to use with the rotating mechanism not being super smooth, thicker paper is harder for it to make clean cuts, and it is a challenge to keep the paper from moving as you're cutting (you can't just put a spot of adhesive on, it has to be enough to hold it tight). I saw a video where Kristina Werner used this circle cutter with a glass cutting mat and it seemed to work well, but I don't have a glass cutting mat and don't really want to spend the $20 to get one. Seems like a lot of extra effort and money to get a product to work like it should.

Score Board and Envelope Tool
Seeing as how the only moving part on this scoring board is the little compartment at the top, which doesn't affect the functionality of the actual scoring part of the board, there's no reason why this product shouldn't work well. And it does. Because moving parts are not integral to its functionality. So . . . thumbs up on that.

Doily Lace Border Punch
This border punch works decently. The main issue I have with it is that if you are punching cardstock, it can be very hard to push down the handle for it to punch through the cardstock. I've found the Fiskars border punches to be better in that respect. I think it has to do with the design of the punch - the Martha Stewart punch has a relatively wimpy lever handle while Fiskars border punches have a wider lever handle.

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