Thursday, March 17, 2011

Email is Like Our Lives

Lately, I've gotten away from the "snippet of our lives" type of posts in favor of craft-focused posts, but looking back on older posts, it's fun to read about non-craft stuff too, because it's a snapshot of what we were doing at that point in our lives. So . . . I'm making an effort to (at least more often than I have as of late) blog about non-crafty stuff, as well as the crafty stuff.

Greg and I have different "styles" of maintaining our house / junk. For Greg, everything has its place and everything should be put back in its place. For me, I don't mind having stuff out or having it pile up, because for the most part, I'll still be able to find all my stuff. Our different "styles" is a big part of why Greg supports me having a craft room in our house. I follow (try to, at least) Greg's ways for the rest of the house (neat and tidy, which are good qualities), but the craft room is where there could be (and there usually is) stuff all over the place. It's funny, then, when I see our two different approaches in other aspects of our lives:

Me: My email is down to 2,400! I've been filing emails.
Greg: Nice. What was it at before?
Me: Like . . . 3,200 or something.
Greg: I need to organize my inbox too . . . I'm up to 13. Probably file some stuff away.
Me: Heh. Whatevs. Our emails are like how we live our lives!

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