Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sausage Fingers and Tummy Crumbs


I know it may be hard to tell in the picture because there is no baseline for a point of reference . . . but I think I have sausage fingers right now. I don't know how much to attribute to swelling versus weight gain, but that's beside the point. I stopped wearing my rings a couple months ago because I was afraid that my fingers would get so sausage-y that I wouldn't be able to get them off. Good thing I was proactive about that.

In addition to sausage fingers, I've also found that I need to periodically check my belly to make sure that there aren't things like food crumbs sitting on it. How did I come to that conclusion? A few weeks ago, I was working out of the office (normally we are at client sites) when I was in the break room and ate a couple Girl Scout cookies (I think it was the same day that I ate three donuts, but again, beside the point). So I ate some cookies in the break room. Walk back to my office, which is almost on the other side of the office, do some work, then at some point later, get back up to go to the break room for water. And cookies. And that's when I noticed that I had crumbs on my belly, before I had eaten any more cookies. Burn on me. That's my lesson to check my tummy for crumbs if I'm going to eat something without a plate.


Last night, I was in the middle of preparing to publish this post when I stopped to take a few bites of ice cream before going to bed. I didn't notice at first, but Greg pointed out that I had dropped some ice cream on my belly. Awesome! Further evidence that I need to be more careful when I eat.

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