Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mushroom Mail and Waddling

I enjoy getting personal snail mail (none of that junky stuff we get most of the time). It's why I like to ask people for postcards if they go somewhere I've never been, so not only do I get mail, but I also get a postcard - two things I heart! (Though I like just one or the other too).

This weekend, I got a letter from a friend (Kimberly), along with a little goodie inside:


The tape! The doodling! The cute Asian stationery goods! I'm a fan.

This week, I feel that my waddling has become more pronounced. Really, it's been a gradual thing, because I know I started to develop a waddle before now, but this week, I just feel like, Man, now I'm really waddling. Before, it was kind of like, I could walk normally if I wanted to, but I don't know that that's really an option now . . . there's some actual pain/discomfort in the hip area associated with walking normally (one of the drivers for why I stopped wearing heels about this time last month).

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