Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paper Odds and Ends

This might come as a surprise, but . . . I collect paper things. If/when we are out and about, I take business cards and brochures of places we go (fun places, not like, Home Depot or Fry's). I buy postcards. I keep wrapping paper, fun packaging, and envelopes with neat cancelled stamps. I have, for a while, been throwing around the idea of taking all those things and making a layout about how I heart paper. In the meantime though, I've just been saving them up.

I went to CKC-Mesa this weekend. I had previously decided not to go because of the time and money, but Greg highly encouraged me to go since I may not be able to go for a while after this. This year, Studio Calico was an exhibitor, which they haven't been in the past, and along with picking up some stamps and Mister Huey sprays, I also got some little handouts (business card, a coupon, and a kit subscription form) that I thought were right up my alley. Look at the backs! Makes me want to use them in a project.


Some other things I've collected and will do something with down the road:

Postcards from Lux Coffee Bar:

Kraft bag with vintage ads from when I bought something at Mystic Paper:

Also, along the lines of paper stuff, oh, hello friend has some super inspiring business card posts. Makes me want to make business cards just to have sweet business cards, but I don't actually have a business.

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