Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Stretch

Last week was the first week that I thought to myself, Okay, now I'm uncomfortable.

I stopped wearing heels in early March because they were causing some hip pain, which seemed to go away after I started wearing flats regularly. At that point in time, I still fit into most of my dress shoes, so I was like, No biggie, I can still wear dress shoes once in a while if I need to. A few weeks ago, I tried to wear a different pair of flats than the ones I have been sporting and came to realize pretty quickly that those other flats, which I considered to be on the looser end before, were pretty tight and effectively unwearable. Which means that all my dress shoes are unwearable. Which means . . . my feet are fat from swelling. Or fat. Or both.

So I'm reduced to wearing the same pair of flats to work every day (I'm not buying more shoes if I don't have to). The other alternative is, apparently, tennis shoes. The OB nurse said that wearing tennis shoes will help with the swelling and that she could give me a doctor's note for it. I thought it was kind of funny, the idea of wearing tennis shoes with work clothes. I don't think I could pull off wearing tennis shoes in the office, both from a fashion standpoint and from an office dress code standpoint.

Last week: Hip pain began, but on a different side than before. I think this time it will stick around until the end. Sitting in an office chair all day aggravates it and, therefore, my waddling.
This week: Ankle pain began. Likely from my body not being used to carrying around so much extra weight. Contributes to waddling as well.
ETA: 3 more weeks. We're in the home stretch!

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