Wednesday, May 18, 2011

39.5 Weeks

Due date is Saturday and it's so close that I'm like, whoa. We're going to have a baby soon. Like maybe this time next week.

Last couple weeks have been uncomfortable not necessarily because I'm nine months pregnant, but because I developed this pregnancy-related rash all over my body. Unpleasant. But at least my face was spared! I don't think it's terribly common (though not uncommon either, it seems, from reading about it online) and the doctor ordered blood work, as well as additional ultrasounds, to keep tabs on the baby. When he mentioned doing additional ultrasounds, I was thinking, Oh, we will get one more ultrasound between now and the due date. When the doctor's office called to set up two ultrasounds a week until the due date (this was a couple weeks ago), I was like, two a week?! Seems like a lot. In any case, blood work was normal, as well as all the ultrasounds so far. And although I'm still a little bit itchy, the rash seems to have largely subsided. Excellent!

3D ultrasound, again with her foot all up in her face:


Profile, but with her arm over her face. I wouldn't have known what I was looking at had the technician not told me. The arrow is pointing to the elbow:

As of this morning, there's no indication that I'm even close to needing to go to the hospital yet, but last night, this was my conversation with Greg:

Me: So . . . what are we going to eat on the way to the hospital?
Greg: Dude. Are you for real right now?

People have been telling me that they won't let me eat once I get to the hospital, so I should eat before going to the hospital. I feel like the last week or so, I've been really nom nom nom. Surprisingly though, I hadn't gained any weight since my appointment a week ago, so I must not be eating as much as I think I am.

It's looking like if baby doesn't come this weekend, we'll go ahead and schedule an induction for late next week. That is good in that we will have this weekend to get some packing done (more on that later, like when the craziness settles), but bad in that having to be induced is not preferable to the baby coming on her own. We'll see what happens . . .

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