Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pink Baby Quilt

I'm slightly embarrassed to say that when I bought the fabric for this baby quilt, it was before Greg's cousin, Tamara, had her first baby a couple of years ago and I was thinking it'd make a nice gift. Well, I started on it, sewed a couple rows of blocks together, got discouraged after realizing that I couldn't sew stretchy fabric perfectly (or anything, really), and then gave up.

Recently, Greg has been suggesting that I finish it before the baby comes so that someone (baby K #1) at least gets some use out of the pile of fabric that has been sitting in my craft room for two years. This past week, I resolved to let go of my need for perfection, suck it up, and just get it done. So I finally finished sewing together all the fabric squares I cut out for the quilt top:


It's a pretty good motivator seeing that all sewn together. It looks pretty legit from the front. The seams and edges in the back are messy, but when the quilt is finished, no one else will see it, so no biggie. My biggest concern is if the stitching might come out, but I'll deal with that later if that happens.

Next up:
- acquire backing fabric (I'm debating whether to buy a sheet or buy some fabric to piece together)
- quilting the top, batting, and backing together
- binding the edges

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