Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainbow Cards

I'm a fan of rainbow colors. I remember when I was younger, perhaps around six, my friend (Lee Anne) had this set of stamp markers that I borrowed. I was like, Whoa. I can color and stamp this rubber stamp with all these colors?! Very exciting.

Other things that are exciting to have in rainbow colors:
- wardrobes/closets (actually, that blog post is what prompted me to reorganize my closet a couple years ago into ROYGBIV order)
- baker's twine
- distress inks!

Since I recently stocked up on some additional colors of distress inks, I busted those out for this color challenge at Lily Pad Cards:


A commenter also tipped me off to this other challenge involving baker's twine at Wee Memories, so yay to efficiencies in cardmaking!


The purple-ish blue on this card is a bit faint on the edges, but I like how the card turned out overall:

Pretty happy with this card too . . . I was thinking baby card:

I was able to finish both cards in one sitting because Greg had to work late and then when he got home, he played video games with his friend for a couple hours. I felt pretty accomplished from a crafty perspective.

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