Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Evie at 2 Weeks Old

Evie is 2 weeks old as of this past Sunday.

Weekly baby blog posts such as this may be one of those things where our subsequent children get the short end of the stick. Heh.


  • Her umblical stump fell off on Sunday.
  • There was a rough night in the middle of the week where Evie woke up at 1:00ish, I fed her, and then she didn't fall asleep for probably 4 or 5 hours. It was frustrating. Greg ended up taking her in the early morning so that I could sleep.
  • Since that rough night, Evie seems to be sleeping better (i.e., following more of a schedule/routine), which has been a relief. I'm not sure if anything that we've tried is what did it, but we don't let her sleep more than about 3 hours a stretch during the day and we try to keep her from sleeping too deeply during the day, though it's hard to wake a newborn who is really asleep.
  • My ankles look thinner than they've been in months. Still not sure about whether I fit into all my shoes since I haven't needed to wear them much.
  • It'd be nice if I didn't have this extra pooch going on in the belly area. I should probably set my expectations appropriately given that it's only been 2 weeks.
  • "I'm a Snugglesaurus Rex and you're my prey." -Greg

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