Sunday, June 19, 2011

Move to Mesa

Laveen was never the place we wanted to be long-term, particularly after we had school-age kids. We'd been casually perusing home listings since the beginning of the year for the East valley (but not too far East), but hadn't really gotten serious about finding a house - we figured just some time later in the year.

In April, we spent a Saturday with a real estate agent looking at some houses in Mesa that sounded like they fit what we wanted. Most of the houses were okay, one was blah, and one we both really liked. We decided to go ahead and put an offer on the house we liked. There were a couple points where we were uncertain if things would work out, but they did and we closed on the house last Friday. Since then, we've been getting all our stuff moved over from the old house. You never realize just how much junk you have until you need to pack it and move it - our hope/intent is that it will be a long time before we have to move again.

Fortunately, our families helped us move boxes and smaller items last Friday and Saturday, then on Tuesday, we hired movers to help us get all the heavy furniture over. In between and since, Greg has been a cleaning and unpacking machine (and also a whip-cracker), so we've made a lot of progress putting stuff away and getting settled in.

There's still work to be done (blah) . . . I'm looking forward to being able to just chill. It's hard trying to get house stuff done in between feeding and looking after the baby, even with help from my aunt.

The main area left to unpack is my craft space. The reason why it's not done yet is because it's my space and not Greg's. Heh. I need to get on the unpacking so that I can find the monthly baby photo stickers (they are stickers that you put on the baby's clothes from months 1 through 12 and take a picture with every month) that I got from my work baby shower.

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