Sunday, August 21, 2011

Evie at 12 Weeks Old


Evie lately:
  • Is most definitely responding to us with smiles.
  • Is a champ now at finding her thumb to suck on.
  • Is starting to be aware that she has feet and toes. And that she can control said feet and toes. (I don't think the connection is completely there yet, but there have been a couple times that we think she's been looking at her feet and flexing her toes while looking at her feet).
  • Has a preference for being held in a sitting position so that she can look out at what's going on.
  • Is funny when . . .
    • She makes her uber-sad boo-hoo face with the protruding lower lip.
    • She stretches after being woken up from sleeping.
    • She gets startled and sticks her arms and legs straight out (the Moro reflex). This is starting to go away though.
    • She puts her hands up next to her face while being fed. I read somewhere, though I don't remember where, that this is left over from when offspring had to compete with siblings to be fed.

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