Friday, August 26, 2011

Made-up Words

Earlier in the week, I went to Lee Lee's. Here's how my conversation went with Greg while driving home from Lee Lee's.

Greg: Soooo, what'd you get?
Me: I got some Yan Yan.
Greg: You got some what?
Me: I got some Yan Yan.
Greg: Whoa, whoa, Shirley, Shirley. You're just making up words now. Hey! Are you going by Wal-mart today? Could you pick me up some Flabber Jabber?

It made me laugh, even the next day. I guess I thought (mistakenly) that Greg had been with me long enough to know what Yan Yan was. I was telling him the next day that Yan Yan is one of those nostalgic childhood snack foods, for probably a lot of Asian kids. I have memories of snacking on Yan Yan when I was younger (while at Lee Lee's, actually - it's been around for a while).

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